WorkTrack PersonnelSecurity (Satellite)

Satellite Tracker 

For companies operating in remote areas, or where the cellular network is unreliable, WorkTrack satellite solution is an excellent choice.

This solution uses a handheld GPS unit.

The data from the unit consists of location, a custom message, a help button messages, a SOS message and an “I am OK” message.

The alerts and tracking can be setup from the WorkTrack Web Platform.

This is an easy to use, simple to deploy and manage solution use by many companies who have field employees, remote workers and lone workers.

WorkTrack VehicleMonitor

OBD vehicle tracker GPS 

For company or personal vehicles, the WorkTrack VehicleMonitor is a low cost solution with zero installation costs.

Simply plug the unit in the OBD port.

Please note that this unit requires a SIM card.

Data from the unit allows tracking of location, ignition on/off time, motion detection, high speed and acceleration monitoring.

Reports and alerts are available through the WorkTrack WebPlatform.

WorkTrack Mobile

The WorkTrack Mobile is an Android cell phone solution that enables security and service companies to check proof of presence, GPS location, NFC based indoor tracking. Once software is installed on the phone, it can be tracked from the WorkTrack Web Platform or from a supervisor’s phone.

The software updates are free and business specific customization are possible for a fee.

The WorkTrack Mobile consists of 3 apps WorkTrack app that needs to be installed on employee phones

  • Tag Maker app, is used to create the location tags
  • WorkTrack continuous tracker – is needed where continuous tracking of the phone is required.
  • WorkTrack Video is an optional service for live video from the employee phone 

Specialized Solutions


We provide specialized solutions in IoT/ SCADA for reusing/enhancing old equipment and making it intelligent with addition of control plane electronics / software.

We can automate any old analog equipment and give it a digital interface, complete with web software front end and IP based control infrastructure. Please click here for one such project example.


In the oil well drilling area we are focused on cost savings, reducing cost of oil well drilling by application of cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to rapidly predict and analyze each step of the operation.

For more information on what the technology is and how it works, please click here.

Software Development

Requirements Analysis

Software Architecture and Design


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Web applications

Mobile applications

Business Development

Business case development

Domain analysis

Revenue and forecasting models

Access to International and local partners

Market development

WorkTrack AssetManager


For tracking containers, generators, farm and construction equipment or any high value items the WorkTrack AssetManager solution provides a simple answer.

These battery or line powered trackers work via satellite and send data to the WorkTrack Web platform.

Customization is possible on both the software and hardware end to allow for other sensors to be attached.

Location and reports can be obtained from the WorkTrack Web Platform AssetManager-S can be programmed to send messages on time, location or movement events.

For e.g send 1 message a day if not moving, but a message every 10 min if moving.

AssetManager-T only sends messages when moving.  Tracking Interval can be set to 10 min or higher.  .