CloudM automation business includes fully integrated SCADA solutions which are not available in the “OFF THE SHELF” market. Our specialist will discuss and analyze the requirements and present the solution outlay with costs involved. Upon acceptance we can design and implement the solution including any specific manufacturing.

We could provide end to end solution including connectivity and alternate power for remote locations.

We have working partnerships in Korea and North America to ensure we provide you one stop shop for all your SCADA requirements. With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and IoT related developments we now offer the MOST ADVANCED AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS for our clients.

Case Study:  Automation Project for Diesel Engine to Drive Multistage Submersible Pumps

The project was a complete study of requirements, analysis, design, development and installation of the solution and was highly appreciated by the client. Some of the components were manufactured by Canadian manufacturer as per our engineers specification. Client had tried all options at their disposal and warned us of complications before start.

1  The Engines were very old without any digital readings or monitoring points

2  Manufacturers have declined the possibility to automate and recommended replacements at huge costs.

3  Annual maintenance expense and personal was a big issue

4  The Engine speed control to perform various function and operation of 200 pound Clutch was a requirement

5  Security and theft was an additional problem

The Project was accepted as a challenge and was a real Engineering feast

1  Engines were retrofitted with transducers at proper places to provide digital monitoring

2  Special mounting were developed to install clutch control and speed governors

3  Extremely complex algorithms, to perform various operation at proper timing and speed, were developed

4  IP cameras with motion detection were integrated within the solution for security purposes

5  Dual GPS integration to report movements in case of theft was made an integral part

6  The solution provide a complete engine control, operation and monitoring


Some stages of automation captured during the project in a video below.